Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Whether You’re Investing For A Specific Goal Or Just Want Your Money To Work Harder For You, Our Expert Financial Planners Have Access To A Range Of Investment Solutions To Help You Achieve The Outcomes That You Want.

Whether recommending a discretionary management service, investment models or a bespoke advisory strategy that is right for you, you can rest assured that our approach to investment focuses on accumulating wealth and enhancing its value in carefully considered ways.

Both our external and in-house investment research is constantly reviewed and updated making use of specialised research tools to ensure that our recommendations are timely and relevant with consideration given to economic, political and market conditions. With this expertise we can actively manage your investments, steering them through complex markets, and importantly we can take advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves.

An important aspect of your portfolio will be to select the correct tax wrappers (ISAs for example) to ensure that your monies are invested tax-efficiently on an ongoing basis, providing flexibility to grow and manage wealth over the long term.

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ISA’s are a great alternative to investments as investors are not taxable on income received from ISA savings and investments, and no tax is payable on capital gains arising (capital losses are disregarded). Investment returns do not need to be declared in tax returns and in addition ISA income is ignored when calculating entitlement to personal allowances – for individuals with adjusted net income exceeding £100,000.

There’s no income tax relief on payments into ISAs, like there is on payments into pensions. However, unlike with a pension, you don’t have to pay any tax on the money you withdraw, as it is exempt from Capital Gains Tax. So with an ISA, you’re paying tax the other way round from a pension (at the beginning, not the end). You can access your funds more easily than you can a pension – for example, to fund an urgent financial commitment