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At IWP Principal, we can help you save and invest more purposely, unlocking the future you want. We believe that there are no standard solutions to meet your financial planning or investment management needs, as no two people have identical financial situations. That’s why our financial planners take time to genuinely understand you, and what you want to achieve, then source the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

We see our role as helping you understand your current circumstances and plan ahead, being mindful of what matters most in your life and anything that might influence or change your plans along the way.

So, whether you want to understand your pension and retirement planning options, make the most of inheritance tax mitigation, invest in the most tax-efficient savings or protect your estate with the right planning for you, our highly-skilled financial advisers are here to help.

Personalised Financial Planning

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Inheritance Planning

Get help with planning your inheritance and understanding the tax implications of an inheritance you leave, or assessing an inheritance you received.

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Lifetime Mortgages

Get help with understanding your options for releasing equity from your home. Understand the main options, the costs associated with and the long-term implications of each option.

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Get help on making a plan for a comfortable retirement, whether it’s starting a pension or understanding how much you should be contributing to one.

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Get help generating a better return on your savings, with a full range of investment options which could include equities, funds, bonds and alternative investments.

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Protection planning

Get help planning for your future. Sound financial planning isn't solely about increasing your wealth; It's equally important to protect it.

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Cashflow Modelling

Finding out what your future finances could look like